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What types of tours do we do?


Day and Weekend Tours

Where do you want to go? What do you want to do?

.Dear Guest, Listed below are some of the day and weekend trips we would be happy to take your family or group on.                           

The day tours are tours that are usually 2 1/2 hours or less drive time from Las Cruces, New Mexico. The weekend tours are tours with a little more drive time to reach the destination, but well worth the trip!

Please don't hesitate to call with any "what if" questions, we can fine tune and put together a tour that fits your budget, group and time frame.

Prices listed below are estimated / Based on group size and meals/ lodging etc.

Most tours have a min. of 6 guests needed to book tour. Call or email for exact price quote and itinerary for your group.  1-877-808-6877 Thank you!

3 Rivers Petroglyphs site/ New Mexico/

Day Tour
Spring/Winter/ Fall

$85.00 per person
Alamo Mountain Petroglyphs site/N.M./

Day Tour
$85.00 per person
Gila Cliff Dwellings Native Amer. Site/N.M./

Day Tour
Spring/Summer/ Fall
$ 95.00 per person
Ojo Caliente site Warm Springs Apache/N.M.

Day Tour
$68.00 per person
Crane Festival/Birding tour/N.M.

Day Tour
$65.00 per person

Broad Canyon Petroglyph site/ N.M.

Day Tour
Spring/Fall /Winter
$65.00 per person

Rafting FloatTrip /Rio Grande local /N.M.

Day Tours / Different river floats from Leasburg Dam to Calle Del Norte Bridge, 4 mile, 10 mile, 16 mile , 20 mile floats. 
Summer (May-August)        

From $25.00 per person
Cat Walk/Mogollon/Silver City/ Old West Tour

Day Tour
$95.00 per person
Fort Bayard/Hot Springs/Biking tour  

Day Tour
Spring /Summer/Fall 
$95.00 per person

Valley Wine Tasting Tour /N.M./

1/2 Day Tour 

$65.00 per person
Ski Apache Trip/ N.M.

Day Tour/ Min. of 6 people
Winter (can be weekend trip as well)
 From $110 per person
White Water Rafting/N.M.

Weekend Tour
Spring / Early Summer ( min. 6 people) (lodging not included in this estimated price)
From $270.00 per person
Fly Fishing/ Rio Penasco/N.M.            

Day Tour
(5 Guests total per trip)
$150.00 per person

Lake Valley/Hillsboro/Kinston Ghost Town tour

Day Tour
Bike or walking/ Gold panning
Spring/Summer (can be weekend tour)

$97.00 per person
Winston/Chloride Ghost Town tour

Day Tour
Bike or walking tour/Gold panning
Spring Summer (can be weekend tour)
$97.00 per person
Caballo Lake Star Party

Day Tour
Summer (Night tour, on the lake, boat Float!)
$69.00 per person
White Sands /Full Moon Bike tour

Day Tour
Summer (Night tour)
$58.00 per person

Southwest Expeditions tours are usually "all inclusive", which means we funish trained guides, transportation to and from site, food, snacks , lunch and dinner and activities, permits, etc., depending on the trip.

We can work with your group to help keep within your budget by excluding some of the services, or time, or food items per trip.

If tour is a weekend tour, we will stay at either a fine hotel, a cozy bed and breakfast, or camp out with tents under the stars.

Above estimated costs do not include the hotel or bed and breakfast rooms, we will help our guests secure their rooms for the tour and guests would pay for rooms directly to hotel or B&B. Thank you and we will see you on the tour!

Payment and cancellation Tour policy: 
Please see our tab "Cancellation Policy/Release of